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Casey is a seasoned expert at making sure life on the road runs smoothly for everyone involved. From staff and luggage wrangling to safe and timely load in/load out schedules and promoter/venue communication, she does it all with an infectious level of calm and competency.

Plans and Pricing

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Casey is very thorough and brings great insight into working successfully with artists and venues. I would recommend her to anyone who appreciates expert guidance and support. My experience with her has always been first class!”

Steve Boone

The Lovin' Spoonful

“Casey is a dream to have on the road, thinking in solutions and working with attention to detail. I couldn’t ask for a better teammate! ”

Melanie Safka

“Casey is one of those rare people who is able to concentrate 100% on the task at hand and still keep an eye on the whole event/picture – a crucial skill in her line of work. The pieces are well taken care of, but always with a thought to serving the whole. She is organized, calm under pressure, and walks the perfect line between firm and diplomatic. She truly cares about the work that she does and takes pride in always representing the act or venue that she is working with in the best light possible. Her work ethic and skills combined make her a valuable asset to any team.”

Crandall Rogers

Owner, Four Mortals, Member, NAPAMA

Operation Skills

Overseeing event staff
Site Management
Load in/Load out
Equipment Inventory
Equipment Database Management
Oversize Vehicle Lot Management
Site Mapping
Wrangling Crew
Calming Folks the #uck Down
Finding Solutions
Scheduling Crew
Project Management
Advancing (Production and Artist)
Meet & Greet Coordinating (site and scheduling)
Hospitality Advancing/Coordinating


Desktop Skills

M/S Office
M/S Excel
Limited WordPress


Dressing Room Load-in/organized per Artists specs
Hotel Advancing for Artists
Comp seating
Crew Per diem
Bus Stock
Managing Runners
Daily Sheets
Luggage Wrangler
Flight check-ins for Artists when needed
Meet & Greet Coordinating (site and scheduling)
Dressing Room load out
Artist Escort to bus
Rinse and repeat

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